Don’t Be a Party-Pooper—Get On Board the O.C. Party Bus!

What started as a low-key weekend trip to Anaheim for my cousin’s 30th birthday turned into a spur-of-the-moment decision to rent a charter sized party bus for the celebration. Michelle, her cousins Jenny and Trish, along with myself and 24 of her friends, packed into this party on wheels. It was almost a psychadelic experience.

The interior was gorgeous, very posh and upscale with special green, red, purple fiber optic lighting throughout the ceiling and on the sides to the back of the bus. The black leather lounge-style seats were uber soft and comfortable. Honestly, it was so plush I could have fallen asleep in it. 🙂  The lounge seats were so roomy that all 28 of us ladies were able to sit comfortably with our legs crossed and our drinks in hand! A toast to that!

Speaking of drinks, the party bus was completely decked out with three (yes three!) wet bars stocked full of champagne and wine with sparkling clean glasses to drink from. Our driver was kind enough to restock with clean glasses and fresh ice halfway through our night. Not only that, but the bus came jam-packed with a 42-inch flat screen TV, hardwood floors for dancing, and a 10-speaker surround sound with one of the best sound systems I’ve ever heard. We were able to hook up our iPod to the sound system and dance to the music on our playlist.

This party definitely beats going to a dance club, where it’s overcrowded with weird men trying to pick up on women and terrible music. The ambiance and décor here was so posh that we felt as glam as the housewives of Orange County—just without the drama! Never in my wildest dream would I have imagined a party bus to be as spectacular as this.

One of the best things about renting with this company was that at no point, despite the drinking and fun we were having, did we ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Our driver was friendly and funny and attended to our needs. The drive was smooth the entire way and the driver even took the responsible action of checking our ID’s at the start to ensure we were of drinking age. Nothing beats knowing that the company is looking out for the safety of their passengers!

Besides the fun and insurance of riding with a reliable company, one of the major advantages of renting a party bus, which was most apparent after a couple drinks and a buzz, was the convenience of having a designated driver, our bus driver, and not one of us!

Thank you Michelle for a fantastic birthday weekend—it will definitely go down in the books as one of the best birthday weekends ever! The party bus experience is definitely something that everybody should experience once in their life. Anyway, cheers to a great week everyone!

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