Do Your Research to Find Right Limo Company

I called several companies looking for a party bus for a trip to Napa for a weekend and couldn’t believe that they were all booked up for prom!  If you are thinking about booking a limo or party bus in the months of April or May, you better book months in advance because this is their busy season.  And according to a limousine company in town, due to the demand around this time, they up their prices and set 4 to 6 hour minimums on the weekends.  This is something to keep in mind if you are shopping around for limos.

Many are in for a rude surprise when they find out about the minimums and find out that most limo companies don’t do simple one-way drop offs for most occasions.  A few other things that I have learned while calling around for prices is that some companies with prices that don’t include driver’s tip and others give all-inclusive prices.  Some give prices that don’t include fuel charge and gratuity.  So be sure of ask what’s included in the price and whether it includes driver’s tip, taxes and fuel.  Sometimes it can be a difference of $100 with the gratuity alone and that is a lot of money.

You should also ask about their reservation and cancellation policies as every company does it different.  Some require a deposit and credit card to hold.  Some of these deposits are non-refundable so be sure to ask.  If it is non-refundable, be sure that you are almost certain you are going to use their services otherwise you lose the deposit.  Other companies may just ask for credit card info and not ask for a deposit.  Additionally, check on their cancellation policy.  Some are one week, others are 3 days, it varies.

You may also want to ask to see either photos of the limo or come to see it in person if they allow.  Some of these vehicles are older models which you may not expect and want.  You can ask what year the vehicle is as well.  Some companies have actual physical locations and offices where you can set up a time to come in to take a look at their limos.  Others don’t have offices and that situation may be more challenging as their vehicles are probably parked in different locations.

I also learned that most companies don’t do simply one-way drop offs unless it’s an airport trip.  If it’s an occasion, like a birthday, prom, or wedding, they have minimums set usually of at least 3 hours.  It may be more on the weekends during peak season, which tends to be Spring, Summer, and Fall.  And they also won’t do split trips.  Many ask if they can just pay for the trip down to the trip down to the event and the trip back, but the limo companies charge even the wait times and all the hours in between.

Anyway, hope you find some of these bits of information helpful when searching for a limo or party bus for your next event. Basically don’t wait last minute to book and due your research and ask all the right questions.

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