Pruning My Roses

When I moved into my home in 2015, I neglected the rose bushes out front because I had no clue how to maintain them. My hope was that they would maintain themselves and and I would have beautiful roses that bloomed every Spring. Unfortunately, the branches were starting to grow out like crazy so I hired a gardener to come out twice a month to clean that up. The rose bushes were cut back quite a bit.

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After about a year, I decided to let my gardner go and learn how to care for the rose bushes myself. So I went online to do research and talked to a local tree arborist who provides exception tree service Fremont. He explained that if I decided to prune, I would have to do it on a consistent basis to keep it looking beautiful. Pruning helps your plant to stay healthy and strong so that it produces larger beautiful flowers with strong stems.

He advised that I wait until the roses were in its dormant phase, which was in the winter-early spring months, right as the leaves are starting to bud. And to remove weeds, leaves and dead wood around the bottom of the buses as they would suck up the nutrients that the plant needed.

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According to the arborist, the time in which to prune depends on the type of rose and the climate. Most rose pruning is done in the spring. You want as much sunlight and air to reach the center of the rose to help maximize growth, health and prevent disease.

It’s also advised to use the right tools. Wearing rose or leather gloves to protect your hands from the thorns is recommended. The second thing you want to have is a good pair of  hand sheers that will be used to clear out smaller branches, as well as long handled loppers for the larger, thick stems. The sheers and loppers should be the bypass type.

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Anyhow, I will be taking to my roses with the advice and let you know on how my roses turn out.


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